Dice-playing, Procedures And Poetry Under Microscope

Our second issue of 2018 brings you video poetry, conceptual and procedural poetry, among others. The doors of our Digital Residence, a virtual work and gallery space, are also open for the audience. English version of our current residence artist Olli Aarni´s project will be availabe next month. Asetelmia_makulointi is a procedural poetry project by […]


The First Issue of 2018 Moves in Space and Time

The February issue of Nokturno provides you with kinetic poetry, conceptual novelties, video art and sound scapes with different atmospheres – all combined with a new dimension to Nokturno´s activity: a real-life release party at movie theater Riviera on 22nd of February. This issue celebrates Leevi Lehto´s long career with two pieces drawing from his […]


Three-Dimensional Letters And Scenes in the Kitchen

The last issue of 2017 brings you inter-arts poetry, video and sound and two overviews to early Finnish poetry generators. Our series of essays on Arto Kytöhonka, pioneer in Finnish digital poetry, complements with two essays on Kytöhonka´s poetry generators. Teemu Ikonen´s essay addresses the subject from academic point of view and in a broader […]


Pioneers, omens and writings off the ground

Nokturno 5-2017 brings you site-specific installations, sound poetry and a love story written and photographed with a smart phone. Poet-in-digital-residence continues his work with the theme poetry & games. Runopaikkoja and its Kalma (death) series is a joint project by litterature critic Tarja Hallberg and artist and illustrator Nina Mutik. Enne (Omen) and Raja (Border […]


Handmade poems and morphoses in Nokturno 4-2017

Nokturno is back from summer holiday! This years fourth issue brings you hand-made visual poetry and poetry videos animated, with music and with sharp social criticism. And,, the 2.0 version of celebrated it’s one year birthday this month! Poet also known for aphorisms Virpi Alanen has created a series of four Poetic animals […]

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