Guest curator issue: The dark side of a flow state, a critique of linguistic capitalism, ancient bell ringing, and Karen, who will fix your life

For this issue of Nokturno we invited poet and scholar Matti Kangaskoski to curate us a selection of contemporary digital poetry. Dear Reader of Nokturno, The works presented in this issue are Ian Hatcher’s Rumble Pak, Pip Thornton’s {poem}.py, Stephanie Strickland’s Ringing the Changes and Liberty Ring!, and Blast Theory’s Karen. As the guest-curator of […]


Sounds, memories and unknown search terms

The fifth issue of this year contains various encounters between poetry and sound art, probing of everyday technological vocabulary and videopoetry in the landscapes of remembrance. This issue opens with Neljä koetusta pysyä | Four Try-outs in Staying, a work combining Milka Luhtaniemi´s poetry and sound art by W. There are four audio players embedded […]


Digital Tools And Dystopic Landscapes

Our August issue brings you digital and multidisciplinary poetry from altogether six authors and work groups. Their works range from punk video poetry to spoken word, from visual to procedural poetry and beyond. This issue also features a digital tool for procedural writing. Environmental anxiety increasingly present in the public discourse is also one of […]


Games, Art Exhibitions and Social Media – Poetry Found!

Our June issue brings you video poetry from this Spring´s Digital Residence and poetry inspired by games and social media. This issue, exceptionally featuring almost solely Finnish material also presents a digital dictionary of procedural writing and a poetic exhibition text complemented with an interview with the artists. (image: Niina Oisalo: Mesipyydys – videoruno ihmisille […]


Movements and Words – Special Issue on Dance & Poetry

You´re currently reading this years second issue of Nokturno. This time we dive into different unions between dance and poetry in our featured essays, interviews, video documentations and dance poetry videos. We also bring you the latest work of HÖYRY, a Helsinki-based digital verbal art collective and last but not least, minimalistic concrete poetry from […]

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