Digital Tools And Dystopic Landscapes

Our August issue brings you digital and multidisciplinary poetry from altogether six authors and work groups. Their works range from punk video poetry to spoken word, from visual to procedural poetry and beyond. This issue also features a digital tool for procedural writing. Environmental anxiety increasingly present in the public discourse is also one of the themes in this issue.

This issue opens with our web designer Teemu Tuovinen´s tool for procedural writing, Ruumena. Dive into the fascinating world of procedural methods, all of them just a few clicks away. You can enter any text you like into the tool, which makes it great for re-examining your own texts as well. Sinikka Vuola´s two poems Kuningatar and Ohjeet valoon astumista varten contain procedural approach in another form. Realised with procedural methods the poems present the reader a conundrum: how are they made?

Jere Kilpinen´s video poetry combines DIY mentality of the punk movement, outsider tradition from the visual arts and synesthesia as a starting point for creation. His works are often dark with time perspectives changing from dystopian futures to collapsing presents. Kilpinen´s works use emotional aspects of societal and global crises and refuse to let the reader off the hook. Nokturno publishes four poems, Tahra and Kaleidoskopia in Finnish and Masks and Dreamworld in English. Sombre lessons continue in Raisio´s visual poetry slideshow zine.mp3 vol 1. Raisio is a project of two artists whose work brings together visual art and noise music. The looming ecological crisis is present also in their work.

Last year we published two concrete poetry films from the Berlin-based poet Federico Federici. In this issue we get to see a preview from his forthcoming book E-IS in the form of a seven-page selection. Federici´s visual poetry is a manifold setting of surprising typography, composition and multilinguality with the geological theme of ice. Last but not least we have A. Vipunen, a spoken word poet with his Ars Magna. Creative process is under scrutiny in the feverish atmosphere of the piece. This is the first release from an album coming out later this year.

Enjoy exploring our latest selection of new poetry!

Deadline for submissions to Nokturno 5-2019 is 29th of September. We welcome digital, experimental and cross-disciplinary poetry, and poetry related texts such as essays and interviews. There´s still time to send your work to the mail art exhibition organized by Nokturno and Tuli&Savu poetry magazine, the deadline is extended to 16th of September. More information you´ll find here. Stay tuned also for an open call for submissions to our next poet-in-residence Kathryn Hummel´s work Sunset Cento!

(image: Dreamworld by Jere Kilpinen)



Valikoima runoja monikielisestä visuaalisen runouden kokoelmasta E-IS.
Excerpts from the multilingual book of visual poetry E-IS.