Machinic Farewell

The summer Nokturno begins with a selection of machinic aphorisms. Lento #1 (“Flight #1”) by poet Jonne Piltonen and musician Heikki Saarenkunnas floods its expressional space with AI-assisted aphorisms. The composed and animated whole utilizes GPT-J language model and Stable Diffusion image generator as basis of its expression. Manuaali (“A Manual”), a “kinetic audiobook” by performance art group, takes full […]


and in the darkness bind them

A four-part poetry film series Toxic Love Cycle, by Maryam Ghouth, approaches a suffocating relationship from the point of view of psychological projection. Sanna Telkki-Kova’s video poem Moribunda sum deals with death and the finiteness of life in terms of different mythological stratums. Menneisyysgenerattori (“Generator of the Past”) by Laura Tressel uses old weather forecasts, […]


Ruminating Senses

“Why should the digital world in the first place imitate poetry printed on paper? Why would I imitate a three-dimensional world, for a browser-based expression is not a three-dimensional phenomenon?” These are words from Nokturno’s interview of J.P. Sipilä, one of the most prominent and international video poetry authors in Finland. Sipilä’s thoughts have a strong […]


Digital histories of literature

When the commemorative event of the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s (1265–1321) passing took place last autumn at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford University, there was (at least) one android among the guests. Ai-Da, “the world’s first ultra-realistic robot artist”, had generated for the event a selection of poems inspired by the textual mass of The […]


Poetry in all kinds of places

This issue opens with Storage closet by Cliff Watson, it was born as part of a hybrid-genre story 6-foot pine: life and romance in the chrondemic age, where a virtual reality room is created in an old storage closet as a gift from one character to another. Watson has used technologies of VR and AR […]

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