Questions of rhythm, language and medium

The third and final issue of Nokturno 2023 is here! It features a lot of video poetry and a work combining visual poetry and sound art.

Latitudes, a work of video poetry by Sarah Sands Phillips, creates an atmosphere of remembering through the repetitive rhythm of waves. The poetic text on the water’s horizon resembles a language rising from the waves, and its rhythm creates its own layer alongside the waves.

Sami Ala brings two video works to Nokturno. The visual and audio material in Passenger come from a train journey towards east on the Trans-Siberian railway. The language material of the rhythmic work is a mixture of transient human voices echoing in the background, as well as different tones and rhythms of musical instruments. How it was? is a documentary description of the inhabitants of a house and their experiences in the house. The beautiful, fragile, time-stopped images of the work are interspersed with the residents’ memories of the house.

Federico Federici’s Objects under investigation is a series of works combining visual poems and sound art, whose visual sections repeat explorations of the alternation of asemic and semantically significant language. The works are accompanied by an introductory text on the nature of the works and key artistic issues.

Dividendo Zero (Nothing Left Behind), a collaboration between Maija Saksman and Pedro Pereses, is well suited to the Christmas season due to its soundscape and visuals. It is a funny and interesting video poem combining the visual forms of number zero and of the mouths and eyes of a choir of angels.

Nokturno wishes its readers a happy New Year and happy times with reading the newest issue!


Elina Sallinen

Ps. Please remember that you are welcome to send your poem suggestions and any poetry you find in your digital desk drawer to the Nokturno editorial team at .


Photo: from Sami Ala’s work How it was?