Traces of stories, nature poems and things we miss

Olli Aarni debuted in Nokturno in 2018 as our poet-in-digital-residence. He has now created a new piece of sound poetry called Pisarassa. An earlier version of the poem was heard at the Poetry Moon festival in Helsinki earlier this year. Audio tracks in the poem are recorded in Vantaa, Helsinki, Joutsa and Oulu, Finland and […]


Poetry objects, circuits and corona art

Seppo Laine: Fragments. Screen capture.

Loukku is a game created by comic book artist Tuomas Tiainen and game designer Sanna Väätänen. In Loukku player moves around in an old house from one decade to another. The game is a gently claustrofobic adventure where the player tries to find his/her way to the sauna. It isn’t easy, the house is haunted […]


Guest Curator Issue: Readable Games, Playable Literature

The word “game” (which will be used throughout to denote digital games) often conjures images of playful interactive franchises such as Fortnite and Minecraft, created to simulate competition, conflict, or construction. In the end though, digital games — as opposed to board games or role-playing games, for instance — are simply experiences made possible by […]


Platonic coughing, Surrealism and sound poetry

Screen capture from Platonista yskintää. Visuals by simppafi.

This Spring the sudden outbreak of Corona virus has had unexpected effects on societies all over the world. The situation in Finland is at this moment calm. Covid-19 has however had big impacts on, besides healthcare and politics also on culture and art with the strict restrictions imposed on live events. Many institutions were forced […]


In memory of Marko Niemi

This issue, released amidst the corona pandemia and it’s unexpected effects is dedicated to the memory of Marko Niemi, pioneer in Finnish digital poetry who passed away last September at the age of 45. He was the editor in chief at Nokturno from 2006 to 2014. During his active years in digital poetry he collaborated […]

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