Compressed Poetry, Flowers and Future Words

Our first issue of 2019 presents three different dialogues between images and words, it also brings you literal street poetry, a brand new poetry generator and Nokturno´s first whole audio book. Our web designer Teemu Tuovinen has created a poetry generator based on old Finnish poems of the Kalevala tradition. Loihe creates incantations letter by […]


Neuro-Poe, clickbaits and erotic household appliances in our last issue of 2018

In this issue we bring you visual, erotic and site-specific poetry with, among others, topical research on neural network poetry. This issue also features our youngest-ever author! We open the issue with two articles by Ivan Yamshchikov and Alexey Tikhonov on neural network generated poetry. Neural network poetry often stumbles upon the quality of the […]


Guest Curator Issue: Waves, Languages and Text Stripes

The fifth issue of the year has been compiled by our first guest curator Marko Niemi, Nokturno’s editor-in-chief from 2006 to 2014. The issue includes works from authors already familiar to Nokturno’s readers as well as by some new names who are doing interesting things on various border zones between poetry/text and, for instance, visual […]


Brushes, Anagrams and Urban Space in August Issue of Nokturno

Our fourth issue of the year includes, among others, video poetry from three poets, found poetry straight from the streets of Turku and a series of asemic poetry. Jim Andrews has created a new tool for visual poetry, Aleph Null. With Aleph Null anyone can create new works of visual poetry. With it Andrews has […]


To Dusk and Back Again in June Issue of Nokturno

  The June issue of Nokturno provides you a wide range of interplay between poetry and sound art, together with visual, conceptual and video poetry. Call for our Digital Residence in Fall 2018 is also now open. Nature gets closer and slips away in this issue of new poetry. Scottish Michael O’Brien gives us a […]

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