Restrictive forms, whales and a small amount of Dada in June issue of Nokturno

Nokturno’s third issue of 2017 once again brings you a new set of captivating poetry, this time from dada video to combinatory poetry and from glitch aesthetics to concrete poetry. This issue presents two works using methods of combinatorial poetry: Henrik Pathirane has created an extensive series of poems provided here as a free download. Another poem from Pathirane in […]


Something New, Something Procedural

In the second release of 2017 Nokturno once again brings you a selection of contemporary poetry from authors of digital and experimental poetry. The works range from video poetry to procedural poetry, and their setting from prison mines to space. Eight works by graphic designer Arja Karhumaa are selected from a larger whole, her Epägenesis […]


Machines and improvisation in the first release of 2017

Nokturno’s first release of 2017 presents poetry and poetry related projects from alltogether seven authors and artists. In this selection poetry meets data network, classical singing and mathematics, among others. There’s video poetry, visual poetry, works combining installation and conceptual art and the first poetry essay of the new Nokturno! Engineer and poet SS Prasad’s […]


Poetry films, vispo and new forms of digital poetry in the second release of 2016

Dictionary Illustrations by the Australian video artist Marie Craven is now on display at The video is based on poem by Sarah Sloat. Craven uses the Brockhaus Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary’s illustrations in her kinestatic poetry film. Video won the O’Bheal International Poetry Film Competition at IndieCork Festival in Ireland this year. Stamps of Poetry […]


After a break Nokturno is back with works from poetry films to asemic writing

The editorial board (Lauri Hei, Heikki Saure, Tuula Sipilä, Virpi Vairinen), got to explore a wide a range of poetry. We thank for all the proposals! In this set Nokturno presents poetry from following poets: Volodymyr Bilyk, poet and translator from Ukraine, with visual poetry and a series that draws its inspiration from event scores of […]

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