Poetry films, vispo and new forms of digital poetry in the second release of 2016

Dictionary Illustrations by the Australian video artist Marie Craven is now on display at Nokturno.fi. The video is based on poem by Sarah Sloat. Craven uses the Brockhaus Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary’s illustrations in her kinestatic poetry film. Video won the O’Bheal International Poetry Film Competition at IndieCork Festival in Ireland this year.
Stamps of Poetry by the Hungarian poet József Bíró combines the form of a stamp to, among others, visual elements of popular culture. Active since 1975 Bíró is known for his vispo works and his performances.
 Antikythera by the Finnish poet Saila Susiluoto is a poetry application for iPad. It’s now on display at Nokturno.fi in the form of a sample video, texts by Susiluoto and others, and a link for downloading the app. Based on ancient analog computer, Antikythera, the work explores the possibilities of digital narratives while combining poetry to visual and sound art and both interactive and generative features.

Following the asemic poetry of Ilkka-Juhani Takalo-Eskola in Nokturno 1/2016 we now continue with Sami Liuhto’s asemic poetry series Love Is Beautiful In Every Form. Liuhto’s works have been published among others at Truck website.
Nokturno 2/2016 also presents a new work by Heidi Halonen, combining several different styles. Fragaria vesca – Rönsy, meaning a stolon or a runner, describes aptly the way Halonen’s rhizomic work spreads itself to Facebook and Instagram. The poem at Nokturno.fi combines code poetry to concrete poetry with hyperlinks to social media.
And last but not least we publish two more video poems. En haluu olla paha, haluun olla paha 5 eli muuten ei oisi post by Hanna Storm and Claes Grönroos inspired by lo-fi, diy aesthetic and another collaboration piece, Varjokuvat by Juha Rautio and Toni Vuori.

Thank you for your proposals and contribution to Nokturno.fi in 2016! Please continue to send us your digital and experimental poems, or anything poetry related that finds it home in the digital world. The next release is in February 2017.

(Picture: József Bíró – Stamps of Poetry 145)