After a break Nokturno is back with works from poetry films to asemic writing

The editorial board (Lauri Hei, Heikki Saure, Tuula SipiläVirpi Vairinen), got to explore a wide a range of poetry. We thank for all the proposals! In this set Nokturno presents poetry from following poets:

Volodymyr Bilyk, poet and translator from Ukraine, with visual poetry and a series that draws its inspiration from event scores of Fluxus.

Heidi Halonen, a Finnish writer with a visual poetry series Kasvio addressing different perspectives on plants.

Ilkka-Juhani Takalo-Eskola, a renowned multimedia artist from Finland, with a selection of asemic writing from the series Adae (1964-), curated by Heikki Saure.

Maija Saksman, a Finnish media artist with the video poem Voi!Kukka!

Seppo Renvall, a Finnish artist working with moving image, with a short film Musta, awarded in Helsinki Short Film Festival.

Marko Laihinen, a Finnish poet and performer, with two poetry films.

Tuija and Mikaela Välipakka with two poetry films, of which Kuolema on IN! (Death is IN!) was screened at the Zebra Poetry Film Festival in Berlin and FiSH festival in Rostock.

And last but not least, Nokturno continues to provide free pdf books. From now on Piia Susiluoto‘s Liljalla varpusen vatsa, published by Kolera in 2015, is available at Nokturno.fi.

We also continue transferring material from the old Nokturno.org site to Nokturno.fi. There is already a wide range of poems available, from all kinds of digital poetry to conceptual poetry, from animations to sound and visual poetry etc.

Are you interested in having your work published at Nokturno.fi? Please send us your poems at ! The next release is set in December.

(picture: Anemone nemorosa by Heidi Halonen)


Liljalla varpusen vatsa

Piia Susiluodon runokokoelma Liljalla varpusen vatsa (Kolera, 2015) ilmaiseksi ladattavana pdf-tiedostona. 
Liljalla varpusen vatsa (Kolera, 2015) by Piia Susiluoto, purchase or download.