Restrictive forms, whales and a small amount of Dada in June issue of Nokturno

Nokturno’s third issue of 2017 once again brings you a new set of captivating poetry, this time from dada video to combinatory poetry and from glitch aesthetics to concrete poetry.

This issue presents two works using methods of combinatorial poetry: Henrik Pathirane has created an extensive series of poems provided here as a free download. Another poem from Pathirane in this issue is Painovoima, combining combinatorics with concrete poetry.

Intersections of text and image are also present in the four works of Juha Siro. Known as an author in the field of literary fiction, Siro has also done explorations to the world of multi-language poetry and picture poems.

Finland’s flag-bearer of Dada, Heikki Saure is now combining poetry video and performance in his collaboration with the band FairTrad. In Dada Litterature, shot by Heikki Aaltonen, he uses his Roskarunot poems (roskaruno, litter poem) as a material for his Dada reading. Saure’s litter poems are a collection of pieces of paper found on the ground.

Russian Alexander Limarev combines bright colors with mathematics in his series of visual poems. Limarev’s poems are inspired by glitch art and draw from Leonhard Euler’s mathematical theories. Netta Alanko’s sound poems Katuvalas ja Merikapteeni reach out to the category of storytelling with melancholic tales of sea and homelessness, outsiders and whales.

This issue also presents encounters between commerce and poetry. Tuomas Taskinen’s poems written in cash payment receipts challenge the expectations we have on roles of a salesperson and a customer. Runoja käteismyyntikuiteille (hommage à Kari Aronpuro) is inspired by Kari Aronpuro’s novel Aperitiff – avoin kaupunki (1965) and it’s explorations on relationships between monetary economy and creativity.

Hungarian poet and performance artist József Bíro has continued his mail themed poetry series with Postcards. Stamps of Poetry was released in Nokturno earlier this year. Bíro’s visual poems apply both textual and visual material with an analogue cut&paste twist.

Please continue to send us your digital and experimental poems, or anything poetry related that finds it home in the digital world! Deadline for submissions to Nokturno 4-2017 is 4th of August.
Ps. Call for Nokturno’s Digital Residence is open till the end of July. More information here.

(image: Alexander Limarev – c2. Euler’s sum of reciprocal squares (vers. 2))