To Dusk and Back Again in June Issue of Nokturno


The June issue of Nokturno provides you a wide range of interplay between poetry and sound art, together with visual, conceptual and video poetry. Call for our Digital Residence in Fall 2018 is also now open.

Nature gets closer and slips away in this issue of new poetry. Scottish Michael O’Brien gives us a glimpse of a walk in a park where perception isn´t what it used to be. The view is strangely altered by technology in the poem Three plants, combining found and conceptual poetry. Tuija Välipakka´s latest poetry book Uutisia! included a series of poems titled Hedelmätornit, now released at Nokturno. The series consists of photographs of towers built from various fruits and poetry on creative process and social media, among others.

Darkness is one of the main elements in Hanna-Mari Ojala´s video poem Kivilattia. A figure moves in the darkness and Ojala´s poetry reaches towards aphoristic tones alongside the disappearing and reappearing figure. Hiljanharma brings a hint of gothic atmosphere to this issue in her sound poems Tuotuja tietä and Sanat värityskirjassa, with their dramatic timbres and fateful moments. Taudinkuva just released their new album III and Nokturno now presents two poems from the album based on poems by seven Finnish poets. Tästä talosta is based on Eeva-Maria Grekula´s poem and Antaisin pois in Henriikka Tavi´s poem. For the next two weeks the whole album is free download Taudinkuva´s Bandcamp page.

Nokturno is glad to present six pieces of sound poetry born during a course of sound poetry at Uniarts Helsinki. The six sound poetry performances were filmed at the Sound Poetry Night event at Vapaan taiteen tila in May. The artists are Diliana Stoyanova and Reetta-Stiina Rannanmäki, Zane Perkone together with Minna Miettilä, Harold Hejazi, Pavel Rotts, Ignacio Lopez Olivares and Riku-Pekka Kellokoski and Stephen Webb together with Daniela Pascual Esparza.

After five issues our essay series on Arto Kytöhonka, pioneer in Finnish digital poetry, now reaches its end with an essay on Kytöhonka´s mail art. In Monitaiteilija kohtasi kulttikaljun – Arto Kytöhongan postitaide editor of the series, Heikki Saure, writes about Kytöhonka´s mail art and the reception of the art form in it´s early days in Finland.

Are you interested in working in a virtual residence? Exploring the intersections of poetry and the digital world? We just announced an open call for our Digital Residence in Fall 2018. Here you´ll find more information on how to apply.

Please continue to send us your poems or anything poetry related that finds its home in the digital world! Deadline for next issue 6th of August and the email is .


(Image: Ignacio Lopez Olivares´s & Riku-Pekka Kellokoski ´s sound poetry performance What´s Wrong with Alex )



Kaksi näytekappaletta levyltä sekä latauslinkki. Kappaleiden runot: Eeva- Maria Grekula ja Henriikka Tavi.
Two songs from the album III by Taudinkuva and a download link. Poems in the songs by Eeva-Maria Grekula and Henriikka Tavi.