Brushes, Anagrams and Urban Space in August Issue of Nokturno

Our fourth issue of the year includes, among others, video poetry from three poets, found poetry straight from the streets of Turku and a series of asemic poetry.

Jim Andrews has created a new tool for visual poetry, Aleph Null. With Aleph Null anyone can create new works of visual poetry. With it Andrews has expanded in a fascinating way the way in which we can view familiar works of poets like Jim Leftwich, Dan Waber and Niko Vassilakis. Dirtee konkreet is an extensive work of Aleph Null ”chewing on” (as Andrews puts it) Canadian poet bill bissett’s work. Nokturno is glad to present both Aleph Null and the dirtee konkreet project.

Juha Kulmala is known for addressing societal questions in his poetry. Now Kulmala steps into a new territory of video poetry. Low-fi aesthetics, psychedelic spheres, bright colors and various effects altering mediated perception are all combined in these three videos, Mätäkuu, Kesäkuu and Family Butcher that have their first screening in this issue of Nokturno.

Tuija Välipakka and Mikaela Välipakka have continued their collaboration in video poetry, now in the form of Flash videos published on Instagram. This time the result is three quick audiovisual visits to the landscapes of melancholy and urban alienation. Välipakkas´s Flash poems show that in order to work in the channels of social media poetry doesn´t have to be simple or fast food like.

Karri Kokko´s asemic poetry series Minuuttiharjoituksia consists of ten works. Kokko´s asemic work can also be found in the latest issue of Tuli&Savu poetry magazine. Inspired by calligraphy Kokko´s digital brush takes a strong hold of the white page.

Meeri Marjomaa-Jaakkola makes her debut in Nokturno with video poem Minä, Nemesis. The black and white video takes its viewer to abandoned and secluded places in the city. As the poem´s title (I, Nemesis) suggests, the I of Marjomaa-Jaakkola´s poem is twofold. Timo Salo´s anagram étude Ajatusäänet (tuhoisan häämatkan ajattelua) has seven voices and each of them have their own constraints and obsessions in the rhythmically hectic collage at Nokturno. Einari Aaltonen is a translator who this summer began with a found poetry project. The pavement blocks of Katulaatat have originally been published in Facebook but now they´ve found their place at Nokturno. The talking pavement blocks have a lot to say, especially about the society, feelings and culture.

And last but not least we present the two procedural sound poems by Diliana Stoyanova. Poems Romance and Find Kindness are based on results of Google searches. Stoyanova appeared also in our last issue as one of the poets in Sound Poetry Night.

The next issue of Nokturno will be curated by the former long time editor in chief of Nokturno Marko Niemi. But before that, next week, we´re glad to make a side-step to the field of prose fiction with Markku Eskelinen´s and Maria Marinmikko´s extensive digital prose piece Lähes tunnistamaton mahdollisuus menettää. Stay tuned also for the announcement of our Poet-in-Digital-Residence for this Fall.

Send us your poems or anything poetry related that finds its home in the digital world! Deadline for next issue 17th of November and the email is .

(photo: Tuija ja Mikaela Välipakka: Flash Video Poem 2, screen cap)