The First Issue of 2018 Moves in Space and Time

The February issue of Nokturno provides you with kinetic poetry, conceptual novelties, video art and sound scapes with different atmospheres – all combined with a new dimension to Nokturno´s activity: a real-life release party at movie theater Riviera on 22nd of February.

This issue celebrates Leevi Lehto´s long career with two pieces drawing from his earlier works. In his new video work Sanasade Leevi Lehto uses his Sanasade poem from the 2004 book Ampauksia ympäripyörivästä raketista (Savukeidas) and its live reading, creating a multifaceted auditory and visual interpretation of the key elements and themes of the poem.

Karri Kokko, known for his conceptual works, is a key figure in uncreative writing (Kenneth Goldsmith) in Finland. His new poetry book uses ekphrasis as an approach to Leevi Lehto´s book from 1967. Sanat vain riippuvat ilmassa irrallaan: kuvaus Leevi Lehdon teoksesta Muuttunut tuuli (ntamo, 2018) both describes the original book and creates a re-imagined version based on the description. At Nokturno you can now find a selection of poems from Kokko´s book.

We also present yet another essay on Arto Kytöhonka in our series addressing the body of work of this pioneer in Finnish digital poetry. The essay written by literary critic Maaria Ylikangas is exceptionally about a printed book, Venetsialainen sarja, its intertextuality and literary means ahead of time in 1987.

In our December issue we released video poems from Swoon. One of them was based on a poem by Howie Good, whose prose poem Intimations of Modernity we are now glad to release. Good´s poem about violence and the way we try to deal with it in current media environment is sadly topical. Another almost debutant is our graphic designer Lauri Hei with two gif poems and two conceptual poems leaning on the genre of knitting and hobby work instructions.

Last but not least we have the extensive joint work of kinetic poetry and music by Henrik Pathirane and Redder. Oleminen/Being examines the concept of being in both philosophical and poetic framework. During its 27 minute duration Oleminen/Being carries the reader through intensive sound and word scapes.
Please continue to send us your poems or anything poetry related that finds its home in the digital world! Deadline for next issue is 1st of April and the email is .

(Image: A gif poem Open Poetry by Lauri Hei)