words picked from the noise of a crowd

Löydettyä runoutta konserttia odottavien ihmisten puheesta ennen Covid-19 -pandemiaa.
Found poetry from words that rose above general noise of  people waiting for a concert before Covid-19 pandemic.

i’ll have another
i actually said
what’s your middle name
not that
worst timing!
everyone was like
favourite, yeah?
i love it!
i went three months without
yeah yeah
he kept getting
smashed my head on
yeah and then the cage
fell on his back
ooooooh! (impressed)
he’s mad but he
two thousand and seventeen
wouldn’t be
and be like
don’t wanna do
the geezer
so well acted
well, tough
wasn’t sure
wait and he


Käsitteellisiä kuittirunoja. Eeva Kilven, Leonard Cohenin ja Raymond Carverin runot, joiden sanoille on laskettu Googlen AdWords-mainossuunnittelutyökalua käyttäen niiden rahallinen arvo.

Series of conceptual receipt poems using Google AdWords to calculate the monetary value of each word. Poems by Eeva Kilpi, Leonard Cohen and Raymond Carver.

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Ei huolta, Karen laittaa elämäsi kuntoon. Vuorovaikutteinen yksityisyyden ja intimiteetin rajoja koetteleva. elämänvalmennuksen konseptista ammentava mobiilisovellus. Kehitetty yhteistyössä Walesin kansallisteatterin kanssa.

Don’t worry, Karen will put your life in order. Interactive mobile application probing the boundaries of privacy and intimacy. Developed in partnership with National Theatre Wales.


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unknown search terms

Runo verkkoliikenteen data-analytiikkaan ja hakukoneisiin liittyvästä tuntemattomien hakusanojen käsitteestä. Ensijulkaisu Strange Horizons -sivustolla.
A poem on the phrase and concept of ”unknown search terms”, used in data analytics and search engines. First released at Strange Horizons.


welcome to my house oh you have walked straight though to the ground floor bathroom and
climbed out of the window

and you have spent ten seconds in the master bedroom establishing the jewellery is not what
you were looking for

you stand in the kitchen wearing a sweatshirt with your address on and when you take it off
your t-shirt underneath also has your address on you know I don’t think you’re interested in my
house at all

I’m not sure what you’re doing under the stairs but you’re the fourth person this week to look
under there you don’t even have a torch

and there’s a perfectly good light switch at the top of the stairs and a perfectly good light switch
at the bottom of the stairs but you climb the stairs in the darkness and then come down again in
the darkness don’t pretend to me you were looking at the paintings we’ve hung there

you’ve come from Canada to visit and you are reading each of the five needlepoint slogans slash
aphorisms I have hung in the living room though I notice then you don’t even glance at the other
needlepoints spread throughout the house perhaps I should put up a sign with a map of the
other needlepoints you missed in case you would like them or perhaps you got bored of

you tell me Fake Hermes Handbags sent you and I am suspicious that’s not the name of a real

I leave a guestbook on the little table in the hall and you write a flattering paragraph about the
house but there are several grammatical errors and reading it more closely I realise you don’t
actually mention it’s a house the same vague flattery could apply to a car or a horse I think you
are leaving the same polite feedback on everything you see for sale

as you walk through the front door you tell me you’re looking for something but you won’t tell
me what and I play a sort of interior I-Spy as I watch you stand in the utility room but you decide
the something you are looking for is not here what did you not see oh visitor who’s vanished

you walk into the spare room and sit on the bed and pick up the book of poetry I’ve left on the
bedside table and you open the book and read a poem and when you come back downstairs
and leave the house I want to follow you and thank you whoever you are wherever you came
from whatever you thought of the house whatever you thought of the poem

I’m thinking of extending getting an architect doing it properly a sun room would be nice I could
leave a book of poetry in there in case

Three plants

Runo kolmesta kävelymatkalla kohdatusta kasvista.
A poem about three plants encountered by the writer on a walk.


”With the piece in question it is me looking at the relationship of one’s natural environment and technology. Technology is now not only an integral part of my life it has become a part of my natural environment. For instance if I am lost I use sat nav or google maps on a phone. And like the poem at hand I will often use online botanical keys or even google search to identify plants and birds I encounter. The one point of this that makes me worry is the commercialisation of technological in regards to augmenting negative class structures. And this is why I, somewhat sarcastically, use the descriptions from amazon rather than a botanical key. The amazon description offers a very weird and almost unsettling view of nature as commodity removed from ourselves. This disjointed feeling of the modern person having to continuously fight to remain in the world is something I try to incorporate in a lot of my work.”

Three plants encountered on a woodland walk in central Scotland documented by product descriptions on amazon.co.uk


Oxalis acetosella

You are purchasing one 10×8 inch (25x20cm) Print
Artwork: Leaves of the wood sorrel -Oxalis acetosella- with dew drops Richard Dorn
Printed on 254x203mm archive quality paper for unrivalled stable artwork permanence and
brilliant colour reproduction with accurate colour rendition and smooth tones. Size refers to
paper used
Image size 254x169mm. For matching prints please search for 12536449
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Chrysosplenium alternifolium

Excellent for shady, woodland/garden areas
Tolerates poor soil
Fast growing groundcover
Native evergreen


Allium ursinum

Sow from autumn to late winter prior to the last frost.
Scatter thinly on disturbed bare ground in a shaded damp location on soil contained a high
level of organic matter.
Do not cover or rake in the seed. Sowing rate 150 seed per square meter.
Germination will occur when the soil starts to warm in spring as the light levels increase.
Professional DEFRA licenced (07274) Quality Seed Supply only – Minimal packaging –
Ziplock labelled bags – Instructions not attached – See details provided above for
cultivation advice.