Ruosteisia luonnoksia -valikoima | A selection from the book Rusty Sketches

Valikoima kolmikielisiä kuva-sana -pareja Muhaned Durubin esikoisteoksesta Ruosteisia luonnoksia (Enostone, 2019).
A selection of works combining image and poetry in three languages from Muhaned Durubi’s debut book Rusty Sketches (Enostone, 2019).

Tekstit ja kuvat | Texts and Images  Muhaned Durubi
Käännökset | Translated by  Kalle Niinikangas, Sampsa Peltonen & Andy Willoughby


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I; pietist compositions, after Marko

Minimalististen visuaalisten runojen sarja, joka viittaa Marko Niemen Pietist Compositions -teossarjan osaan I. Mukana myös Márton Koppányn jälkisanat.
A series of minimalist visual poems that builds on Marko Niemi’s visual poetry series Pietist Compositions’ part I. The poem is accompanied by afterword by Márton Koppány.

Marko Niemi: Pietist Compositions




I see an alphabetical debris of lost reflections, contouring an “I” – or rather an already missing I, an I changed into dash. And that missing I is leaving (or just seems to leave) from one page to the next one or from inside to outside – although apparently there is nowhere to go but to this very same place. It is a motion constructed by its own – somehow more peaceful than painful – deconstruction. It is a connection.

Marko rotated “I” 90 degrees, from portrait to landscape position so it became something like an epitaph. Rachel takes one more step and a dash is born. Her “I” is a punctuation mark in between – while it remains faithful to the spirit of  Marko’s poem: it is a commentary, making it new.

Rachel’s art is strongly conceptual, quietly paradoxical and movingly nuanced.

Márton Koppány, Budapest, 2021-05-29


Uutismaailmasta ammentava teksti- ja kuvageneraattori.
Text and image generator inspired by news.

Teokseen | Enter

art vs. life

Kineettinen runoteos, kunnianosoitus performanssitaiteilija Roi Vaaran ikoniselle teokselle Artist’s Dilemma (1997).
Kinetic poem, homage to performance artist Roi Vaara’s iconic piece Artist’s Dilemma (1997).

Sitaatit lainauksia Roi Vaaran haastattelusta Poetic Mind -sivustolla.
Quotes from Roi Vaara’s interview at Poetic Mind.

Artist’s Dilemma Performancelogia Performance Art Archives -Youtube-tilillä
Artist’s Dilemma at Performancelogia Performance Art Archives’ Youtube channel

Teokseen | Enter
art vs. life