Nokturno welcomes its first Poet-in-Digital-Residence!

The first poet-in-digital-residence begins his work today. Mikael Brygger is a Finnish poet also known for his work in the fields of digital and gamified poetry. The digital residence program is Nokturno´s virtual workspace and gallery designed together with the poet-in-residence. Mikael Brygger´s residence includes two sections completed during the residency period 15th of October […]

The first artist in Nokturno’s Digital Residence is Mikael Brygger

The first poet in Nokturno’s new virtual residency program will be combining poetry to the world of games. During his residency period from mid-October to mid-November Brygger will be addressing questions such as What does if mean to gamify poetry? And What is gamified poetry? Brygger’s work in the residence has two parts. In the […]


Handmade poems and morphoses in Nokturno 4-2017

Nokturno is back from summer holiday! This years fourth issue brings you hand-made visual poetry and poetry videos animated, with music and with sharp social criticism. And,, the 2.0 version of celebrated it’s one year birthday this month! Poet also known for aphorisms Virpi Alanen has created a series of four Poetic animals […]


Restrictive forms, whales and a small amount of Dada in June issue of Nokturno

Nokturno’s third issue of 2017 once again brings you a new set of captivating poetry, this time from dada video to combinatory poetry and from glitch aesthetics to concrete poetry. This issue presents two works using methods of combinatorial poetry: Henrik Pathirane has created an extensive series of poems provided here as a free download. Another poem from Pathirane in […]

Apply Now For The Nokturno Residence!, a Finnish website for digital and experimental poetry is launching a new residency program. The first digital residence takes place in fall 2017.    Nokturno’s Digital Residence is a virtual residency program inviting poets and artists to create digital poetry and explore and use digital resources as part of their practise. The residency period extends from […]