Pioneers, omens and writings off the ground

Nokturno 5-2017 brings you site-specific installations, sound poetry and a love story written and photographed with a smart phone. Poet-in-digital-residence continues his work with the theme poetry & games.

Runopaikkoja and its Kalma (death) series is a joint project by litterature critic Tarja Hallberg and artist and illustrator Nina Mutik. Enne (Omen) and Raja (Border or Line) are site-specific poetry installations suggesting a collaborative way of working with nature in a creative process.

Photographer Tekla Inari tells a modern love story in her book Siniset vuodet/Blue Years (Kosmos, 2017). The bilingual book combines photography and poetry and most of the poems are originally written and photographed with a smart phone. Poems are translated by Kasper Salonen.

Heikki Saure is featured in this issue of Nokturno with two pieces. First of them is a selection of his Writings off the ground. Since 1993 he has been collecting discarded paper and various objects with writing in them. From alltogether astonishing 3 000 objects there are now 20 on display at Nokturno. Nokturno also opens a series of essays on Arto Kytöhonka, pioneer in Finnish digital poetry. In the introductory essay Heikki Saure shares an overview on Kytöhonka’s work.

Featured in this issue is also Scott Northrup. This time his material aren’t headlines of newspapers as in last issue but an American war novel from mid 1900´s. And the result is once again something completely different. Alone originates from Northrup’s residency at Arteles Creative Center in 2015.

We also present very different approaches to sound poetry. Henna Joronen’s poems bear a strong feminist message and draw from performance as a form of poetry. Why She Does What She Does and To Understand are now at Nokturno. Last but not least we have three different end results from experiments with Arduino-based ”noise boxes” in a sound poetry workshop conducted by Mikael Brygger and Jari Suominen. Jyrki Myllärinen, Ave Vellesalu and Louna-Tuuli Luukka built their own devices to produce the sounds and combined them with notations inspired by concrete and visual poetry and poetry without words.

Interested in gamifying poetry and fluent reader in Finnish? Here you can enter Nokturno’s digital residence hosting Mikael Brygger’s (Y/N) toolbox for gamifying poetry and the Residence Diary.

Please continue to send us your digital and experimental poems, or anything poetry related that finds it’s home in the digital world! Deadline for this years last issue is 11th of November.