Three plants

Runo kolmesta kävelymatkalla kohdatusta kasvista.
A poem about three plants encountered by the writer on a walk.


”With the piece in question it is me looking at the relationship of one’s natural environment and technology. Technology is now not only an integral part of my life it has become a part of my natural environment. For instance if I am lost I use sat nav or google maps on a phone. And like the poem at hand I will often use online botanical keys or even google search to identify plants and birds I encounter. The one point of this that makes me worry is the commercialisation of technological in regards to augmenting negative class structures. And this is why I, somewhat sarcastically, use the descriptions from amazon rather than a botanical key. The amazon description offers a very weird and almost unsettling view of nature as commodity removed from ourselves. This disjointed feeling of the modern person having to continuously fight to remain in the world is something I try to incorporate in a lot of my work.”

Three plants encountered on a woodland walk in central Scotland documented by product descriptions on


Oxalis acetosella

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Artwork: Leaves of the wood sorrel -Oxalis acetosella- with dew drops Richard Dorn
Printed on 254x203mm archive quality paper for unrivalled stable artwork permanence and
brilliant colour reproduction with accurate colour rendition and smooth tones. Size refers to
paper used
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Chrysosplenium alternifolium

Excellent for shady, woodland/garden areas
Tolerates poor soil
Fast growing groundcover
Native evergreen


Allium ursinum

Sow from autumn to late winter prior to the last frost.
Scatter thinly on disturbed bare ground in a shaded damp location on soil contained a high
level of organic matter.
Do not cover or rake in the seed. Sowing rate 150 seed per square meter.
Germination will occur when the soil starts to warm in spring as the light levels increase.
Professional DEFRA licenced (07274) Quality Seed Supply only – Minimal packaging –
Ziplock labelled bags – Instructions not attached – See details provided above for
cultivation advice.