Kathryn Hummel enters Nokturno´s Digital Residence – Open call to participate in the work starts!

Our poet-in-Digital Residence in Fall 2019 is Kathryn Hummel, Australian writer and researcher with a background in Social Sciences. Her works often address themes of gender, postcolonialism, urban spaces and travel. Nokturno now welcomes Kathryn and her project Sunset Cento in the Digital Residence!

Sunset Cento begins with an open call for poetry in diverse forms about the topic of sunset. The end result, a polyphonic multimedia work asks both its participants and readers what kind of dimensions can an analogue event have in the era of the Digital and how questions of place and authorship can be approached in this context.

Hummel´s works of poetry, prose and fiction have been published in several countries and she has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. More information about the work and instructions on how to participate you´ll find here.