Multitranse aphorisms

Sarja Multitranse -käännösohjelman avulla kirjoitettuja aforismeja.
A series of aphorisms written with the aid of Multitranse translation software.

“All the time slowing down in semantic content to roll the paper.”

”I wrote a note in Finnish concerning asemic writing, emphasis on the experience of muteness when encountering a foreign alphabet. Next I put it through MultiTranse 5.5. free web-based translator and got the note back with sentences full of mistakes. Some of the sentences I again edited into aphorisms with only few cuts and changes.”


Roman letters are not the best neither VISPO-work may be used in me at the same time- aggravating experience.


Picture and signature border for confusion entries. Hand and eye movements, the freshness of strange signs to renew me.


Foreign alphabet to write is a part.


It is as early as liabilities in symbolic order ( and that by staying away from the election ).


Symbolic and aesthetic union is commonplace: a worm in the tissues of the image.


Reproduction pad paper shaded playgrounds in school-like event against a backdrop of nature.


Production which is not eye-catching: only to commit myself to writing, illiteracy through reading.


A paper copy of your brain. At the same time, however, slow movements to tailor the very content of the foreign policy set.


All the time slowing down in semantic content to roll the paper.