Lake Onega Vox Machina

Sonnets from Lake Onega, read by Microsoft Mary, Mike ja Sam.
Ääninen-kokoelman sonetteja englanninkielisinä versioina: lukijoina Microsoft Mary, Mike ja Sam.

On the meaning of “to be”

(Siitä mikä on, että se on, Ääninen)


The present’s being wasted every day.
An advice seldom is a happy tool.
In Heaven God goes caring for the fool.
Women, and men, of earth are bound to die.

Poetry’s wine for Satan in his Hell.
The pains we feel are mitigated, mixed.
Give the Caesar what is being pledged.
The youth of our time is feeling well.

St. John has come, he won’t eat or drink.
Sweet is the sound deep down in fragrant knell.
An eagle sooner melts than blink will stink.

Methinks it’s great to stand, to brand, to grand.
The animals more equal are than that.
In theatre, for the bun of it, sting band.


From Suite “Reading Mr. O. P.”, 4

(Sarjasta O.P.:tä lukiessa 4)


Presently to get Dada works the likes
Of G. Tzara’s Anthem Dadaistische Art
And “Merz”, sein Soccer” is Dada”,
So you go for transl. it’s a Hispano-Suiza

Analysis in part, and Thou, and the Mikes
Per-case-basis gotten to loose. It’s a fart
Uppermostly the Ailing, the How. – Dad a
History is, still bowing to Phallus, a

An exaltatingly laid-gotten us – as shown
To the esthetic-minded, Dr. Bernstein’s Finland
Only for few, then ago, a literalness

Of each, and the every, serious, though in, and
The Morning, or less, so erringly All
Getting drunk, and parallel to art. C’mon!


Exactly. Absolutely

(Perustuu erittäin löyhästi Äänisen sonettiin “Täsmensi hän”)


“The words won’t take away the crash,
the singers aren’t no moonheads off the hook,
aloof of objects. The screaming goat in book…
the rich and plumy voice of Elfland Jazz…”

That’s all she wrote. The wisecrack and the gag
went down in flames, the silver necklaces –
themselves used in wiring the absent aces,
in sensible silence – still in the shopping-bag

along with her clothes, and shooting rod, the sky
of justice like a pink bowl painted on the fly:
to escape the project to elude the jive above.

Languishing is the word. Soon the ebullient blood
was filling the glove compartment. Period. “Dot,”
spoketh her own twofold Tongue of Jove.


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