Instructional – A Baited Poem

Interaktiivinen runo klikkikalastelusta.
An interactive poem inspired by the language and imagery of clickbait.

Konsepti | Concept  Barnaby Smith & Michael Bloss
Teksti | Text  Barnaby Smith
Suunnittelu ja toteutus |  Design and development  Michael Bloss
Kuvat | All photos  Creative Commons.


”This work grew out of a discussion between the two of us about the nature and potential of electronic poetry, developing into a collaborative project based not only on the platforms and technical possibilities of the digital realm, but also its most unedifying language and visuals. Specifically, the work seeks to exploit the cynical and disposable headlines and imagery associated with ’clickbait’, by creating a somewhat absurd, garish, but still meaningful generative poem. The poem takes shape according to which images the user is most drawn to, and then clicks on, in order to progress through (and generate) the poem. At the end of the sequence of images, a complete ’chosen’ generated poem is revealed, along with the accumulated poetic path not taken by the user, as well as the entire text used for this poem.”