I; pietist compositions, after Marko

Minimalististen visuaalisten runojen sarja, joka viittaa Marko Niemen Pietist Compositions -teossarjan osaan I. Mukana myös Márton Koppányn jälkisanat.
A series of minimalist visual poems that builds on Marko Niemi’s visual poetry series Pietist Compositions’ part I. The poem is accompanied by afterword by Márton Koppány.

Marko Niemi: Pietist Compositions




I see an alphabetical debris of lost reflections, contouring an ”I” – or rather an already missing I, an I changed into dash. And that missing I is leaving (or just seems to leave) from one page to the next one or from inside to outside – although apparently there is nowhere to go but to this very same place. It is a motion constructed by its own – somehow more peaceful than painful – deconstruction. It is a connection.

Marko rotated ”I” 90 degrees, from portrait to landscape position so it became something like an epitaph. Rachel takes one more step and a dash is born. Her ”I” is a punctuation mark in between – while it remains faithful to the spirit of  Marko’s poem: it is a commentary, making it new.

Rachel’s art is strongly conceptual, quietly paradoxical and movingly nuanced.

Márton Koppány, Budapest, 2021-05-29