Releases between issues

This Spring the Corona virus has significantly changed the ways we work and spend our free time. Digital channels and easy access have become more important than ever, both for artists and audience in the fields of culture and art. Our response was to announce an open call for releases between issues for the time being. More information you’ll find here

All the releases are gathered here.



Jouko Kivinen,
Tero Nuolio & Kosma Sahlman


melulankku kuva


This interactive work of sound poetry consists of alphabets Kosma, Jouko´s son saw in a dream, and a noise scape by Jouko Kivinen and Tero Nuolio. The alphabets belong to the inhabitants of Kosma’s dreamland Danskania and were visualized for this work by Jouko. You can build your own noise scape by pressing different keys.

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no healthy upstream
Sampo Sihvola


no healthy upstream Sampo Sihvola


Series of four visual poems inspired by the Corona pandemia and Corona infodemia.

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Nature morte

excerpt mmmurica joki_pathirane


Excerpt from the book Mmmurica (Käsite, 2020), combining visual art and poetry. The book was born from Joki_Pathirane’s journey to the so called Rust Belt of the United States.


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