Toxic Love Cycle

Neliosainen videorunoteos.
Four-part poetry film series.

Teksti, kerronta | Writer and Narrator   Maryam Ghouth
Ohjaus | Film Director   Lola Kokhanova
Kuvaus | Director of Photography   Zuhair Lokhandwala
Näyttelijät | Actors   Mona Ghaddar, Ahmed Achrafi, Lama Musallem
Musiikki | Musicians   Nick Battle, Lama Musallem

“Toxic Love Cycle,” a four-part poetry film series, depicts the downward spiral of a woman who dims her light to make her partner feel secure. The theme revolves around the concept of psychological projection. The episodes are about 1) mistrust and accusations; 2) domineering and demeaning behaviour; 3) deprivation of intimacy and feelings of unworthiness; and 4) disconnection from self and envy of others.

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Maryam Imogen Ghouth