Fall 2019: Kathryn Hummel

kathryn hummel sunset cento

Sunset Cento
3.11. – 8.12.2019

Sunset Cento was a global digital poetry project conceived and curated by Kathryn Hummel as part of her Fall 2019 Digital Residency at Nokturno.

During the residency, Sunset Cento invited global submissions of text, visual and audio fragments on/of/around sunset. From these, a series of polyphonic multimedia centos was created to explore communal creativity across analogue and digital space through the experience of sunset, regardless of location and culture.

Sunset Cento was based around ways that the individual can meditate, remember, stay mindful, ponder their existence and connect with the natural world. At the same time, the project offered participants a way of collaborating with a community creating/capturing fragments of an analogue event at different times and place. This digital project served as a point of connection, reflecting a desire to participate and create, without a predictable outcome.

Sunset Cento merged concepts behind found, eco and digital poetry and digital art in sharing different experiences of an analogue/digital space, culture and identity worldwide. The poetry arising from the project was collaborative and allocating a single authorship isn’t be possible or even desired.

Below you’ll find the work and a residence diary Kathryn Hummel kept throughout the project.

>> Sunset Cento

>> Residence Diary