Fall 2018: Tuija Välipakka

One Hundred Red Things In Summer 2018 1.11. – 30.11.2018

Tuija Välipakka´s project One Hundred Red Things In Summer 2018 started with a hundred photographs she took in Summer 2018. During the residency period in November 2018 she wrote a series of hundred poems to accompany the photographs in an interactive work released at the end of the residency. Välipakka´s Residence Diary gave readers glimpses of the writing process and reflections on what it´s like to work in our Digital Residence. Both the final work and the diary are in Finnish.

Tuija Välipakka (b. 1967) is an author and poet living in Tampere, Finland. Her fourth poetry book Uutisia! (Siltala) was published this year. Välipakka often collaborates with her daughter, video artist Mikaela Välipakka in creating video poetry. Their work has also been published in Nokturno. Tuija Välipakka is also active in the literary scene in Finland.

>> One Hundred Red Things In Summer 2018 (in Finnish)

>> Residenssipäiväkirja (in Finnish)