2020: Kyle Booten










To Pray Without Ceasing
23.11.2020 –


Kyle Booten works in Nokturno’s Digital Residence from November 23rd onwards with his project To Pray Without Ceasing. Kyle Booten is a computational poet, an interdisciplinary scholar of literacy and media and assistant professor of English at the University of Connecticut. More information about him you’ll find here.

During his residency Booten builds “a praying machine” that utilizes textual environment of social media and addresses spiritual questions from the point of view of automatization and technological development. He will also keep a residency diary that provides glimpses into the process. As the machine is completed readers/watchers will have a chance to see the machine in action and listen to Booten read aloud parts of the work via Twitch stream.

This residence is supported by Kone Foundation. Programming by Kyle Booten, web design of residence diary by Teemu Tuovinen. The digital residence program is coordinated by Virpi Vairinen. Logo design by Mirva Liimatta.


>> To Pray Without Ceasing
(We recommend using desktop, laptop or tablet computer)

>> 24 hour Twitch stream
(from 10am EST 14th of January to 10pm EST 15th of January 2021)

>> Residence diary