Spring 2018: Olli Aarni

9.4. – 30.4.2018

During his residency period in April 2018 sound artist Olli Aarni created new Finnish sound alphabets and using them made sound poetry remakes of two Finnish poems. Aarni´s sound alphabets are inspired by the pronunciation of the alphabets but also the visual look of the letters. The first sound poem, Kun oisi käeltä kieltä, is based on an old Finnish folk poem and the second one, Ja näin hän hajoaa is a 2018 poem by Sini Silveri. The new sound alphabets are now available for anyone to experiment with.

» Sound Alphabets and Poems

» Kun oisi käeltä kieltä

» Ja näin hän hajoaa

» Work Diary (in Finnish with English translations)