Fall 2017: Mikael Brygger

(Y/N) – Pelillisen runouden työkalupakki
5.10. – 12.11.2017

During his residency period in Fall 2017 Mikael Brygger created a toolbox for gamified poetry, named (Y/N). Brygger also invited guest writers to approach the questions of poetry and games from their point of view. Writers included Penjami Lehto, Reko Tikka, Riikka Ala-Hakula and Markku Eskelinen. (Y/N) grew to a free handbook and a library of ideas to anyone interested in gamified and digital poetry. During the residency period Brygger also wrote a Residence Dirary about his time in Nokturno´s Digital Residence and his projects both inside and outside the residence.

» (Y/N) – Pelillisen runouden työkalupakki (in Finnish)

» Residenssipäiväkirja (in Finnish)