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In the harbour of Yhden, Leikki sits, watching the sea,
and she sees, when she bends,
when the sky is clear, and the see is white:

In the port of Toinen, Leikki drinks red drinks and dreams
of clear transparent ones.


Sometimes, Sampo is jammed, and functions no more,
and no one knows what good may come out of the evil it creates

She, in the park, at night, walks across it,
And she, the moon, on the very clear sky, cannot see,
And for it is so light, and so late, and
People, around, seem to walk like drunk.

And what would now happen, should the earth collapse,
and the dark park, and the cold ground and the freshly
laid stones, and the ancient graves.
Yes, the people around, like drunk, would keep on
walking; they would gather and lay their frozen hands
on the burning salty sand.

Her face was blue, I think, or at least it looked like it was, And she had black baby eyes, Or at least it seemed like her eyes, penetrating, seeping in my own, resembled a baby's eyes. I believe she drove herself my hands to her breasts, And her scarlet tongue took possession of mine.

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