Here you'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions. 


x. Who runs Nokturno.fi?
Nokturno.fi is a project by Finnish Poetry Association Nihil Interit ry. For more information please visit the About Nokturno section.

x. How can I view only poems that are in English?
Select English as your language and go to the Main page for search tool. Search has an option to select poems by language.

x. I'd like to send my poems to Nokturno.fi, how do I do that?
We are glad to receive your poems in our inbox at toimitus@nokturno.fi. Please visit the Contact section for more detailed information on how to send your poems.



x. Who decides what gets published in Nokturno.fi?
Nokturno.fi publishes poetry mainly based on submissions we've received. Editors of the website are editor-in-chief Virpi Vairinen and co-editor Lauri Hei. 

x. What kind of poetry is there in Nokturno?
To help newcomers in the world of digital poetry we use categories. With the help of a search tool you can search for a specific kind of poetry or explore what a certain category includes. For more advanced friends of poetry the categories help to zoom in to your special field of interest. The categories are
animated, collaboration, conceptual, concrete, found, generative, hypertextual, interactive, kinetic, performance, sound, text-only, video and visual. We also add new categories when needed.
The categories are based on ones in Nokturno.org in 2012 with few additions and updates.


For Nokturno.org authors

x. My poems have previously been released at Nokturno.fi but now there doesn't seem to be any of my poems available. What can I do?
We are still transferring previously released content from the old site. Hopefully we soon get to your poems!

x. I found my previously released poems on the new Nokturno.fi site, but they are under a wrong category. What can I do?
We are sorry for the inconvenience. The categories are based on the descriptions on the old website but sometimes, because of a lack of description, we have labeled poems to the category we thought would be correct. If your poem has been mistreated, please contact us and we'll fix it!

x. My Author profile is completely empty or is lacking information. What can I do?
Please contact us and we'll fix it! The profiles now mostly contain external links as in the previous version of the site. Some of the links on the previous website we were forced to delete, mostly because linked websites had ceased to exist.
    If you'd like to have more information about you on our website, we are glad to receive it. You can for example send us a short introduction about your work and links to your website and/or other websites containg your work.

x. Some of my poems on the site don't appear as they're supposed to. Please, fix this.
Please contact us, we are sorry for the inconvenience. The problem is propably due to the programming language used in the poem or the file format the poem is in. If you are visiting the site via mobile, problems in displaying the poem may also be caused by responsive actions of the site.



x. My publishing house/magazine/collective would like to collaborate with Nokturno.fi., is that possible?
Please contact us and tell us more about your idea!


Technical Difficulties

x. The poem I'm viewing doesn't seem to work/looks even more peculiar I think it's supposed to look. What's wrong?
a. Are you visiting the site via mobile phone?
Unfortunately attempts to make websites mobile-friendly don't always work as well as hoped. The problems may be caused by several reasons.
    Some of the older poems were designed for larger screens and that creates some challenges in new smaller mobile screens. Some poems have fixed frames and that causes challenges in viewing in small screen.
    Some of the file format or programming languages used in older interactive poems aren't supported by Android operating system or necessarily even current Windows versions in mobile phones. Those include – and hopefully are limited to poems in swf (Flash-poems) or created with php.
b. Are you using a pc, laptop or a tablet?
We'd be grateful if you could send us an email describing the problems you've faced, with information on which browser and operating system you're using.

x. I have some suggestions on how to make the website better, can I send you an email?
Yes, please do that! We are glad to receive feedback and suggestions on how to develop the website. You can mail us at toimitus@nokturno.fi