About Nokturno

Nokturno.fi (previously known as nokturno.org) is a Finnish website dedicated to poetry that thrives in the digital world. Nokturno has presented contemporary poetry from both Finnish and international authors since 2005.

The focus is on digital and experimental poetry but the site also includes and welcomes poetry that takes advantage of digital distribution technologies.

Nokturno.fi provides a wide range of different forms of contemporary poetry. The website includes kinetic poetry, interactive poems, code and hypertextual poems, generative poetry, games and animations. There is also visual, video and sound poetry available on the website – and poetry that draws inspiration from the textual environment of internet.

Since its launch Nokturno has been an important medium for new forms of contemporary poetry, especially in Finland. The website was founded by Finnish poetry association Nihil Interit ry.Nuori Voima magazine and publishing house Savukeidas. After a few silent years Nihil Interit decided to relaunch the website and it has been back online since August 2016. Nokturno.fi is funded by Nihil Interit, poetry magazine Tuli & Savu and WSOY Literary Foundation.

The site returned with a new visual look by Lauri Hei and web design by Teemu Tuovinen. The coordinator of the relaunch and the editor-in-chief is Virpi Vairinen with Lauri Hei as co-editor. Members of the editorial board in the initial phase included Tuula Sipilä and Heikki Saure. Former editors-in-chief include Marko Niemi and Teemu Ikonen. Over the years the editorial board has included many key figures in Finnish literature scene, such as Leevi Lehto, Ville Hytönen, Eino Santanen, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen and Riikka Pelo.

During the relaunch of the website the content was transferred from the former Nokturno.org url to this new one. Previously published material is continuously being transferred to the site and there is already a comprehensive selection of digital poetry available. Altogether the Nokturno archives contain poetry in 13 languages and from 32 countries.

Most of the poems are created in the digital environment with methods and techniques it provides, some poems use internet and digital means only as a pathway to find their way to the reader. The digital world and the internet can function as an environment and provide context for poetry in different ways. At Nokturno.fi you can explore the variety of functions, technologies and meanings digital world carries in contemporary poetry. 

Welcome to Nokturno.fi!